wolf at the door (close up) 2014 CBarragry copy


wolf at the door 2014

image artist’s own

beeswax, gold leaf, powdered pigments, acrylic paint, latex, copal resin, LED light strip, wire mesh, fur, found metal ring

30cm x 30cm x 40cm

Wolf at the door¬†was installed in a locker at Connolly House; a brutalist building in Dublin, currently used as a college. Wolf at the door was shown as part of the ‘Five Lamps Art Festival’ Visual Art programming.This is one of a series of objects I have made that use combustible, heat generating materials. The objects were contained in a locker, which was opened using a key attached to a heavy ring of animal fur. In wolf at the door ideas of value and survival are collected secretly by an imagined hoarder.